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 A collection of take away insights and reflections from conclave members.  

The subject is funny

The Milwaukee Comedy Scene - Steve Breese  

The Milwaukee comedy scene has been a blessing for many emerging comedians. However, it’s just a utopian bubble for comedians to perform. Comedy is a rough and courageous business. Funny people shouldn’t be coddled by an accepting and loving atmosphere. Although, Milwaukee is producing a creative hub for new comedians—it will only allow those who are strong enough to existence if they escape the safety of this scene. If a comedian is serious about stepping up his or her comedy career then they must hit…Read more

"You're all hacks." -Steve Breese  

There’s nothing more hack than talking about hack comedy.  
  The phrase ‘hack comic’ doesn’t really bother me as a performer, but it does hit a nerve with many comedians. The label can be harsh to performers, but generally the performers who are extremely angry about the term are hacks. There’s a difference between denial and feeling wounded. This can be displayed through the protest from a comedian’s egotism about his or her material. Too livid to admit that their thoughts are like nobody else’s ever…Read more

On the Spirit of humor  

 The spirit of comedy.

I grew up with an imagination filled with the images of lone travelers, gypsies with boxes of tricks and juggling skills, cowboys with guitars on their backs, lonely and searching for something just beyond the horizon. Heralded when they arrive and forgotten soon after they left.

Looking back I'm not sure why this life seemed so romantic and fascinating. And presently, there are times when I am not sure why I continue to pursue such a life. Comedy is such a pursuit, the business end…

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My new years resolution is to write and post more blogs 

 One year of comedy conclaves has come and gone and I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what, if anything we've accomplished. Personally I have enjoyed this year of getting together with my comedy comrades more than ever and feel that this sense is shared throughout our community. If nothing else this is enough, the mission of the conclave was to help foster and streangthen this bond. In the new year i pray this will continue.

Academically the basic tenents of comedy; it's fundemental laws of…Read more

Common cynosure discovered.  

During February’s conclave, the subject turned to addressing particular pieces of our work that we are most proud of, and then examined the why those certain pieces stood out so much. As we talked, one common theme kept being brought up; the misdirect. All of us were quite proud of creating verbal devices designed to misdirect the audience. The fact that this was brought up so much made me consider if this could be a fundamental requirement. 

This points to an aspect of the human condition (which in my…

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Punchline prayers 

Today I was sitting at Easter dinner with extended family who told they had heard I was a comedian and asked if it was true. I admitted I was in fact a comedian knowing full well the response was more than likely to be a request for me to perform some of my act... which they did. Not that I really minded, I knew the request was made in good natured interest in my work, but there is a part of me with a “I’m not your personal jester” attitude. This will most likely always exist, and I have accepted it. 


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Bits and pieces; an argument for the conclave.  


Two months into mediating conclave and I have begun thinking about the reasons for proposing this project, it’s definition and purpose. Admittedly, the initial reasons for proposing the project are personal and stem from my enjoyment of studying the architecture of individual jokes and identifying the various pieces and devices used in joke crafting. The story of my professional and academic motivations that initiated the conclaves are as follows.  


For the past ten years as I have…

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