These tables of terms for tools that we toil with... are admittedly incomplete. The lexicon of comedy is an evolving thing, as is this appendium. Please enjoy, and if you see something is missing, please email with the missing word/phrase and it's definition for addition.  

Dictionary of terms



conclave glossary 
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Sheet 1: conclave glossary

table of terms Term Def 1 Def 2 synonyms Example;
  accordion a joke subject that can be expanded or cut short dependent on the audience's reaction      
  Act; the The product of a comedian; a polished collection of that performers best bits parts of the show    
  Actor comic a comedian who cannot deviate from a scripted act. a detached performance    
  Angle a perspective on a topic, alluded to in the joke   slant  
  Bar show a show in a bar a show with unknown standards and potential volatility    
  Bit see joke      
  Blue a joke' topic that is either socially inappropriate or offensive.   raw, “def”, uncensored, real,  
  Bombing see eating shit      
  Call back a tag making reference to a previous punchline      
  Character the personae the performer adopts during the act the subject of a story or joke    
  Crowd work an act defined by adlib conversations with the audience, where the subject matter is derived by the audience members response to questions the ability to respond to unexpected changes in the performers environment   “so, where are you from, what do you do?” etc.
  Crutch something unnecessary that is relied upon to do the act      
  Dinosaurs old acts, headliners that have been around forever”      
  Dying see eating shit      
  Eating shit not doing well at all   dying, bombing,  
  Feature the opener for the headliner      
  Hack a joke that has been done to the point of no longer being funny a subject that has no unexplored angles left a comic who steals others jokes  
  Headliner the last act of the night, usually the longest set and most seasoned performer   closer  
  Improv unrehearsed performance      
  Joke an idea that is translated to an audience in a funny way      
  kill to have a good performance      
  legs an idea that can be extended. An joke worth expanding The potential for a joke to really kill    
  losing them when an audience's interest and enthusiasm for a set diminishes abruptly      
  Momentum the energy of the audience, susceptibility to continue laughing.      
  One liner a joke that is confined to a single sentence      
  open mic a free/ un paid show where new material can be tried out      
  open micer someone who performs mostly at open mics      
  Opener the first act/performer to go on stage the first joke of a set host  
  Personae see character def 1.      
  Prop an item that is required for the joke to be funny      
  roll with continuing on with a bit or topic because of an overwhelming positive response      
  Sell keeping the illusion that a joke is fresh and funny even when you are sick of it, or know it realy isn't that good.      
  Set a collection of jokes   act,  
  Show a collection of acts      
  Stolen a joke or bit performed without the authors permission      
  Tag an afterthought statement added to a punchline to continue the momentum of the bit      
  The house the audience the owners of the venue you are performing in    
  The scene The business environment of a certain area, venues for performing, audience numbers the community of other performers in a certain area    
  Ticks an unconscious physical/vocal tell that reveals a performers unease   tells  
  Topical a joke/act/bit that refers to a in subject in the news      
  Transition a vocal device to move or change subjects during an act.   segue  
  with them really connecting with an audience, see rolling with      

Sheet 2: Joke table

type of joke    
  Categories example
  Topical the politician”s a jackass, and a democrat
  bait and switch  
  crowd work Written ad-lib not really possible